Maremma Tuscany… land of wine and olive oil

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Maremma Tuscany is a land of fine wines and olive oils.
Its territory is shaped and painted by silvery olive trees and multicolour vineyards changing as the seasons pass by and according to the vine variety.
In Autumn Maremma gets a thousand shades: vineyards turn yellow and red, while olive trees maintain their typical silver colour.
It’s a fascinating colour explosion that deserve to be admired and enjoyed.
From Autumn on, those excellent cultivations give us two products, maybe a little less marketed or known, but really appreciated: the “novelli” (we could translate it into new/ just made) are young, fresh and scented.

IL VINO NOVELLO (The new wine)

Foto di Martina Nizzi

Foto di Martina Nizzi

The novello wine arrived in Italy only a few years ago. According to the Italian law, its commercialization is forbidden before the 6th of November. The newly wines, because of their specific wine-making process, have an intense bright colour and a fragrant bouquet with fruit and spices suggestions. They are served at the same temperature of the white wines, because of the almost total lack of tannins.
They are best before their first summer as they lost fragrance within one year and can be paired with a lot of dishes: from modern to traditional and rustic recipes, cold cuts and cheeses.
The Novello wine has to be served in the medium tulip wine glass, without being uncorked or decanted.

L’OLIO NUOVO (The new olive oil)


The Novello oil is squeezed, as all the other kinds of oil, from the olives harvested and ground in October and November, but is used within two, three or four months after the squeezing.
It has an intense fragrance, a golden or greenish colour and an intense and often a hot flavour.
It is good for the seasonal cooking and enhances the typical Maremma recipes as the bruschetta, soups and second courses where it explodes with its intense scents and flavours.
Rich in antioxidant substances, tocopherols and phenolic compounds that help fighting free radicals. The newly olive oil is easy to digest, facilitates the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, is beneficial against the cholesterol sedimentation in blood and good for the liver.
Each season has its own excellent and typical products.
The Autumn ones are rich in intense scents and flavours Maremma Tuscany deserves to be visited in any season.