Hiking in Maremma Tuscany. The Capo d’Uomo Ruins at Monte Argentario

The Threshing in Maremma
5 Marzo 2017
Maremma Tuscany… land of wine and olive oil
5 Marzo 2017
Maremma offers splendid sunny days to be spent outdoor with leisure activities and sports all over the year. Recently the good weather tempted us to go hiking along the trekking itinerary towards Capo d’Uomo Ruins on Monte Argentario.
Ieri la giornata era splendente ed il sole  incredibilmente caldo, così abbiamo deciso di seguire l’itinerario trekking che conduce ai ruderi di Capo d’Uomo sul Monte Argentario.
Ruderi di Capo D’Uomo (Foto Marina Gardelli)
From Autumn to Spring is definitely the best time of the year for those activities, since Summer is  sometimes hot for hiking.
Maremma Tuscany is rich in itineraries on foot and, in my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful.
The path leading to the ruins is easy and enjoyable, It passes through short sections of wood , and goes forward inside the Mediterranean scrub then.
La costa dell’Argentario (Foto Marina Garde
A stunning view of the sea and islands seen through the dense vegetation will capture you all along the itinerary.
Il panorama attraverso i ruderi (Foto Marina Gardelli)
An enchanting blaze of colours, scents and beauty.
When you reach the Capo d’Uomo ruins you are on the top of a rocky face overhanging the sea.
Arrivati a Capo D’Uomo (Foto Marina Gardelli)
While walking we had the chance to take pictures to a group climbing just on the edge of the cliff.
Arrampicata a Capo D’Uomo (Foto Marina Gardelli)
What will you find once on the top? A breathtaking 360-degree panorama: looking northward you glimpse the coast towards Piombino together with Elba Island, moving your eyes down south you see Montecristo Island, then Giglio and Giannutri Islands, on the back the dense vegetation of Monte Argentario and down to the sea a series of inlets, bays and oxbows with Argentarola and Rossa Islands standing out.
Isola del Giglio (Foto Marina Gardelli)
Isola di Giannutri (Foto Marina Gardelli)
I definitely recommend this trip to hiking lovers! You only have to be a bit trained and to wear comfortable clothes and hiking boots or gym shoes.
Isolotto dell’Argentarola (Foto Marina Gardelli)